LAC Time Trial – 19/05/2022

Thanks to all who turned up tonight for the 5k time trial, especially Kieran for setting the times. The conditions where very warm with a breeze on your face coming back. In no particular order :-

Paul Magill. 26:09

Paul Tilson. 22:02

Mandy Johnston. 25:00

Mark Todd. 22:23

Michelle Macintosh 30:02PB

Diane Hawthorne. 28:38

Jordan B Heron. 16:28 PB

Ian Brennan. 29:10

John Steele. 19:44

Emmett Woods. 20:47

Melissa Shields. 29:46

Rhonda Wallace. 28:24

Lee Clements. 21:28

Laura Brennan. 31:10


Carol Clarke. 22:19

Janice Plumb. 21:18