Membership Terms

Club Membership terms & Conditions


By being part of the club, you agree to reasonable behaviour towards our venues, our volunteers, and other members of the club. Any behaviour deemed inappropriate, offensive, or which undermines the club’s volunteers or activities will put your participation in the club at risk. This conduct covers both online and offline behaviour. As an unincorporated association we reserve the right to remove members who are disrespectful or otherwise disruptive and they will not be welcome at future sessions. We also reserve the right to refuse membership of the club to any person for any reason in our absolute discretion.

Please also do not use the club network to sell or promote your own individual causes. We have a large Facebook audience and to keep the content engaging and relevant to our club we reserve the right to take posts down and block members from social media if necessary. We also reserve the right to occasionally do a clear out of our huge membership list by removing members who haven’t attended or participated in the club in a long time. This keeps our audience relevant to our club. If you have not been with us for a while but are removed from the group and want to be reinstated please email us.

This club exists to get people into running and keep them running! Our unrivaled success over the last 8 years is due to our ethos and the amazing atmosphere at our sessions. Please respect that it takes a lot of work behind the scenes and for it to continue we need to set some rules so it continues to be a great atmosphere for ourselves, our volunteers, and for you our members.


Photographs may be taken by Larne Athletic Club for publicity reasons at our sessions and the resulting images may be published on our social media, website, or made the subject or intellectual rights by us. By running with us you agree you may appear in these photographs and agree to this use. Let us know in advance if you do not wish to be photographed.


Senior Club Members 18 and over.

By taking part in a run with Larne A.C. you do so at your own risk and the club is not liable for any injury, loss, death or damage resulting from you taking part.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are medically fit to run. You must acknowledge that any form of running can be hazardous and strenuous, and you shouldn’t take part unless capable of completing the full distance. Please take medical advice before booking if necessary and consider whether you need medical insurance to run. We reserve the right to stop you taking part if deemed unfit before running with us. If medical treatment is necessary during the run this should be sought from UK emergency services.

You are ultimately responsible for any belongings you leave in our venue during your run. We will endeavour to keep an eye on these belongings but please do not leave anything valuable and understand that we are not liable for any losses.

Acknowledgment of Risks, Injury & Obligations

I acknowledge that the activities and events I am to participate in as a member of the Larne Athletic Club are dangerous activities and/or events and that by participating in said activities and/or events that I am exposed to certain risks.

I acknowledge and understand that while participating in said activities and/or events the following may occur:

  • Physical Injury, Mental Injury or Death
  • My personal property may be lost or damaged
  • Other persons participating in said activities may cause me injury or may damage my property
  • I may cause injury to other persons or damage their property
  • The conditions in which said activities are conducted may vary without warning
  • There may be no or inadequate facilities for treatment or transport if I am injured or suffer a physical or mental complication or impairment
  • I assume the risk of and responsibility for any injury, death or property damage resulting from my participation in Larne Athletic Club activities or events

Website Membership

As part of your Larne A.C. Club Membership, you will have access to you will have access to our Website memberships are annually recurring with the card payment method of your choice.

Members will have access to private membership site content for s long as their subscription is active.

Members will also have access to an Account area where you can change your payment method and cancel your membership subscription.

On cancellation, your membership will be active until the date of the next payment due. After this date access to the website private members area will no longer be available.

There are no refunds available for Larne A.C. Club Membership.

As a website member you agree Larne A.C. can send you membership email broadcasts with announcements they may have for Club Members. These emails do not require a sign up confirmation as you are joining a website membership when subscribe to a Club membership.